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Amp Repair
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Tube amplifiers need to be maintained in order for them to function and perform properly. All amps receive a full diagnostic test including testing all tubes, cleaning potentiometers, inspecting all jacks, testing high voltage filter capacitors, cleaning all tube sockets, cleaning of all accumulated dust, dirt, etc, inspecting of all components for loose connections or poor solder joints. 

Specializing in tube amplifiers built post WWII to 1980. Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Valco, Ampeg, Vox, Orange, Hiwatt, Traynor, Danelectro, Watkins, WEM, Silvertone, Supro, Airline, Oahu, Sovtek, Peavey, Premier, Magnatone, Selmer, Gibson, Gretsch, National, Univox, Sunn, Sano and Epiphone. 

We use tubes made by Tung-Sol, JJ and Sovtek for daily repairs.  New caps made by F&T, Sprague and Mallory. Large selection of vintage old stock preamp tubes available. 

BillM type modifications for Fender models (Blues Junior, Deluxe, Deville).


We DO NOT work on Crate, Bugera, Jet City, Boss, Marshall amps made in China. 

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