Amplifiers typically need a tune-up once a year if you're a gigging musician. My tune-up jobs include:

  • Testing all tubes

  • Cleaning and lubricating potentiometers (knobs)

  • Inspecting all jacks

  • Testing high voltage filter capacitors. 

  • Cleaning all tube sockets

  • Performing a general cleaning of all accumulated dust, dirt, and grime

  • Inspecting of all components for loose connections or poor solder joints


Standard shop rate is: $70 per hour.

Most repairs are charged 1-3 hours of labor. Parts are not included. 

Current turnaround time for most repairs is 2 weeks. 

All repairs must be picked up with 60 days. After that, they will be treated as abandoned and I will sell the item to recoup costs. 



That old amplifier you found in your attic will need to be serviced. These are among my favorite pieces to work on. ​​

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