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Tom Currie



Servicing all makes and models:

Airline, Ampeg, Badcat, Danelectro, Dr. Z, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Harmony, Hiwatt, Kay, Magnatone, Marshall, Matamp, Matchless, Mesa Boogie, Musicman, National, Noble, Orange, Peavey, Premier, Sano, Silvertone, Sound City, Sovtek, Sunn, Supro, Traynor, Univox, Valco, Vega, Victoria, Vox

Past Clients include:

Neil Young, Sloan, Kings of Leon, Against Me, Stars of the Lid, Aimee Mann, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, 800beloved, Minihorse,               The Hentchmen, Laura Jane Grace, Wolf Eyes, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Fred Thomas,        The Gories, The Armed, Chris Koltay, Electric Six, Danny Kroha, The Von Bondies,                Thoughts of Ionesco, The War on Drugs,          Stef Chura, Frontier Ruckus, Anna Burch, Protomartyr, Toms Amps (Royal Oak, MI),          Bars of Gold, Bear vs Shark, Windy & Carl,      Child Bite,  Chris Bathgate, Craig Brown Band, Rancho Recordo, Willis Sound and Outer Limits Lounge.